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Business with personality?

Posted on September 20, 2012 by Catherine | 0 comments

These days it is important for a business to make a personal connection with their customers. To do this, a business might assume a "personality". But this strategy has become so over-used that can seem disingenuous (and often, it probably is). Also, as businesses grow and different layers or departments filter a customer's experience with a company, the personality of a business can become disjointed causing the "plastic" corporate experience.

Let's face it. Most businesses are in business to "make it big" and generate (lots of) profit. When I share with people that I plan to keep Handshoez small and people centric I am met with various levels of disbelief. I never want to see Handshoez sold in big box stores.

In creating a business that has personality, it can be very tempting to inject personal value systems into a fledgling business. On some level, I was encouraged to do this. Good advice? Probably. However, putting my own face out as the store front poster is super intimidating because I know that I can be a little radical and against the grain - and I'm glad that I am! But is radical good for business? I decided to create a personality that suited a business that was aligned with my general personal principals.

To this end, I have worked with some great partners to create a Handshoez Word Cloud. Better than a picture logo, this Word Cloud captures the personality of my business creation.

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Fall Promotions Tour

Posted on September 12, 2012 by Catherine | 0 comments
Start wherever you are and start small. -Rita Baily

Since the kids returned to school last week, I have been looking forward to the arrival of autumn. I love autumn but I have always found it a little ironic that in a season often associated with nature putting the brakes on growth and warmth we find ourselves in the midst of beginnings. New schools. New friends. New schedules. And for me a new Fall Promotions Tour to introduce Handshoez.

With my husband, Karl, I will be striking out across south western Ontario visiting fall fairs, mom to mom sales, expos and trade shows to share our mittens and hat/scarves. We are beginning where we are, in Ontario, and starting small and personal to interact with people and open the dialogue with our customers.

If you are in the area, we'd love to see you at one of our stops.

Sunday September 16th, Brampton Fall Fair - Baby Show
Sunday September 30th, Fergus MOM2MOM Fall Event

Thanksgiving Weekend, Erin Fall Fair

Saturday October 13th, Mom to Mom Sale & Parenting / Family Expo (St. Catharine's)

November 3 & 4, London Bump Baby and Toddler Expo

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