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Business with personality?

Posted on September 20, 2012 by Catherine | 0 comments

These days it is important for a business to make a personal connection with their customers. To do this, a business might assume a "personality". But this strategy has become so over-used that can seem disingenuous (and often, it probably is). Also, as businesses grow and different layers or departments filter a customer's experience with a company, the personality of a business can become disjointed causing the "plastic" corporate experience.

Let's face it. Most businesses are in business to "make it big" and generate (lots of) profit. When I share with people that I plan to keep Handshoez small and people centric I am met with various levels of disbelief. I never want to see Handshoez sold in big box stores.

In creating a business that has personality, it can be very tempting to inject personal value systems into a fledgling business. On some level, I was encouraged to do this. Good advice? Probably. However, putting my own face out as the store front poster is super intimidating because I know that I can be a little radical and against the grain - and I'm glad that I am! But is radical good for business? I decided to create a personality that suited a business that was aligned with my general personal principals.

To this end, I have worked with some great partners to create a Handshoez Word Cloud. Better than a picture logo, this Word Cloud captures the personality of my business creation.




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