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Meet Handshoez

About Handshoez

Handshoez is a Canadian business with a passion for creating products that ease winter frustrations. We’ve designed durable, easy-to-use winter accessories for babies and toddlers. We create open flat mittens for anyone who has difficulty putting on mittens and hats with scarves that are safer to wear.

Launched in 2011, Handshoez has been warmly welcomed by most everyone we have met! It has been our pleasure to make a difference to kids and adults alike. In 2015 we continue to grow with improved products and service.

At Handshoez, we are committed to quality, good value and great customer service. We respond to inquiries within 24 hours, and ship merchandise promptly (usually within 1-2 business days). As part of our commitment to ongoing great service, we keep your personal information private. We dislike spam too!


Company story

For years, I worked for a major Canadian bank. It was a great job, but I didn’t like that it kept me away from my kids. When I returned to work after my second maternity leave, I found that I really missed them. The two working parents lifestyle just wasn’t working for my family, as it left us with very little time to spend together. Our busy schedules meant we couldn’t enjoy doing the things that we loved like tobogganing and skating in the winter, camping and canoeing in the summer. I dreamed of two things: working for myself (designing easy-to-use cold weather garments for children) and being with my kids.

For five years now, I’ve dreamt about designing a product that eliminates the stress of dressing your child in the winter months. I knew I had a great idea, I just didn’t know where to go from there – let’s just say it was a steep learning curve. Now that both of my children are in school, I have the opportunity to act on that dream. With the launch of Handshoez, my commitment is not only to my children, but also to yours. I think it’s great that we can all enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about the weather. 

About Polartec® Powershield Pro® Technology

At Handshoez, we use Polartec’s innovative Powershield Pro fabric. The ultimate in soft shell design, it provides cold weather protection without sacrificing breathability. Powershield Pro® is not only stretchy, soft and comfortable, but also water-resistant, which keeps your child’s mittens dry both inside and out. Powershield Pro fabric is designed to be tough, lightweight and windproof, making them a great option for most winter weather conditions.

A commitment to local

Handshoez is located in Guelph, ON, but our products are manufactured in Ontario. Whenever possible, materials are sourced from Canadian suppliers. We are committed to supporting our local economy, while keeping good value for our customers. 

Serving special needs

Handshoez provides an on-demand custom mitten service. This service is in response to many requests for larger sizes of mittens, particularly for older children and adults who have difficulties putting mittens on because of disability, injury or disease. Anyone who might benefit from an open flat mitten may Contact Handshoez to make personal arrangements or order custom sized mittens online.


Let's keep creating products that work for you.


Catherine Killen

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