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Fall Camping - Tips and Tricks

Handshoez is committed to helping people enjoy the outdoors. That's why we have created a series of 12 videos that contain tips, tricks and support to provide you with the tools you need to spend more time in the outdoors.

Beginning on September 26th, 2017 we will be releasing one video every weekday to entice you to take a trip and go Fall Camping this fall!

Episode 1: Fall Camping - Why Would I Do THAT?

Episode 2: Fall Camping - Camping with Critters

 Episode 3: Fall Camping - When Should You Go?

  Episode 4: Fall Camping - Staying Warm at Night

 Episode 5: Fall Camping - Is it Glamping?

 Episode 6: Fall Camping - Dining and Meal Planning

 Episode 7: Fall Camping - Check out my Cooler!!

 Episode 8: Fall Camping - Hike and SIT! (How to Enhance a Fall Hike)

 Episode 9: Fall Camping - What to Wear (with KPW Outdoors)

Episode 10: Fall Camping - Lighting for Longer Evenings and Nights

Episode 11: Fall Camping - My Favourite Activities Longer (Darker) Evenings

 Episode 12: Fall Camping - Get Organised ...  Get Packed!

BONUS: Camping Packing List available

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