go on easy & stay on warm 

Tricia, Ottawa

Hi Catherine,

We received our order and have been 'testing' the mittens for a couple of weeks now. We absolutely love our Handshoez!

There must be some kind of magic sewn in to your mitts because they actually stay on. Never a mitten lost or left behind!  Plus, they keep our boys' hands toasty and warm, while letting them actually play and pick up things without any trouble -- this is surely because of the slim fit. Amazing, really.

Now that I've fallen in love with them, I'll tell you about my initial thoughts and impressions:

  • When I first received the mitts, I was a bit worried that the zipper would be cold against the skin and wondered if a fleece flap on the inside, to cover the zipper, might improve the design. I also wondered if the zipper would let cold and/or moisture in. So far, these things don't seem to be a problem, though I can't say if the zipper feels cold on the inside -- my oldest is only three, so it's hard to get him to articulate such things.
  • When I removed the plastic tags that held the mitts together, I was concerned because the tags left a noticeable hole. Really obvious on the orange ones, not so much on the black ones (though this was only due to the colour, which makes the hole less visible. The hole was (and is) still there. It doesn't seem to be a problem, other than the visual flaw -- but my first thought was that the mitts might be compromised (ie. that the hole would let water in).
  • While the orange and black colour options were perfect for me, additional colours might be nice (i.e: blue, red, pink)
  • The mittens are a bit pricey. If there's anything you can do to bring the price down, even a bit, I think your customers would really appreciate it.

These are just my thoughts, but after using them for two weeks, my boys are happy -- haven't complained about having to put mittens on -- and our daycare provider mentioned how much she liked them. We couldn't agree more. How about making them in adult sizes?

I hope this helps, and I'll definitely be recommending them to other Moms and Dads!

Thanks for such a great product,

(tested on Isaac, 3 and Owen, 18 months).

Handshoez response: I am working very hard to get the price down! Manufacturing costs in Canada are the biggest cost by far. I am confident I can bring this cost down and pass the savings on to you.
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